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Co-hosts AJ Battista and Pat Ochang cover and discuss all topics, including entertainment, sports, current events and beyond. Shootin' the Breeze brings the two housemates together in conversation as if they are sitting on their couch. You can listen to Shootin' the Breeze on 88.9FM WNYO or on Monday's from 2:00-3:00 p.m.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 24: 4/5/21 Live Show

    AJ and Pat are back in WNYO's studios and the talk about the NCAA National Championship, who's the biggest joke among New York sports teams, Bruce Springsteen and more. ...


  2. Episode 23: 3/29/21 Live Show

    The guys are back in WNYO's studio after one week off, and they talk about Lil Nas X's new song, religion, cop dramas and more. ...


  3. Episode 22: 3/15/21 Live Show

    The guys talk about Drew Brees' retirement, The Grammy's and security at Madison Square Garden. Also, AJ and Pat talk about their top-five sitcoms of all time. ...


  4. Episode 21: 3/8/21 Live Show

    AJ and Pat discuss about AJ's Ted Cruz article in The Oswegonian, the AEW Revolution PPV, Burger King's tweet and more! ...


  5. Episode 20: 3/1/21 Live Show

    After a week off, AJ and Pat are back in WNYO's studio. They're ecstatic about the Knicks' winning record, and they think a lot of animals are dumb. Also on the show, the guys talk about the Golden Globes.      ...